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Self Service Dog Wash

You Bring Your Dog, We Provide The Rest!


The next time you stop in with your pup we invite you to try out our brand new Self Service Dog Washing Station! Complete with large raised tubs, moveable shower heads, and high powered pet friendly blow dryers. Our waist high bathtubs are a great alternative to the back breaking process of at home bathing. We are also perfect for the spruce up in between your professional grooming appointments.

We provide the shampoo, towels and blowers. You provide the dog. We clean up the mess. No appointment necessary

dog wash
dog wash 2

$12.00 PER PET

Additional Options:

$2.00 Medicated - Oatmeal -flea and tick bath or conditioner/de-tangler
$5.00 Flea and Tick Dip
$10.00 De-skunk

Please note - Baths close an hour before closing.

If you have any questions or would like more information please give us a call at 203-334-0829.

"THANK YOU Natural Pet Outlet for always providing amazing customer service! The staff is knowledgable,friendly, & very helpful. The self-service dog wash stations are a life saver when it comes to bathing my long hair german shepherd. Really can't say enough nice things about this place!"

- Taylor Curtis

"Took Daisy and Boomer to the do it yourself dog washing station. Brilliant idea! Both dogs loved their baths! Soap, towels and blow dryer provided!!"

- Marilyn B. Donahoe

"A great, fully stocked store! So much fun washing our dogs....super friendly, knowledgeable staff!!"

- Barbara Stingle Clarke

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